What’s an Apprenticeship?

It’s a programme for people aged 16+ that mixes on-the-job training with classroom learning. An apprentice will work for you for 15 months, full time and will study their creative subject with us.

We offer these creative apprenticeships:

  1. Junior Content Producer – Level 3
  2. Digital Marketer – Level 3
  3. Events Assistant – Level 3
  4. Junior 2D Artist – visual effects – Level 4 (coming soon)

If you’re looking to hire an apprentice, your job role must broadly fit into one of these 3 categories. The apprentice will study an apprenticeship ‘standard’ in one of the areas above. This is a list of industry standard tasks that the apprentice must become competent in.

Why hire an apprentice?

An apprentice is an effective and affordable way to boost your workforce. They come with creative skills and passion and we continue to train them in their chosen industry.

77% of our apprentices get kept on the industry in some form. It’s a proven route for talented creatives that prefer to learn and work in a practical way.

What skills do the apprentices have?

Our apprentices are a mix of ages, genders and backgrounds. They’re at least 16 years old with no upper age limit. It’s a requirement that they have at least 5 GCSEs, including English and maths.

The apprentices may be:

  • Young people that have completed A levels or BTEC at College
  • University graduates
  • Graduates from our Big Creative Academy
  • Creative freelancers
  • Graduates from BRIT School as part of the BCE & BRIT progression agreement

Our applicants come from in and around London and share a passion to progress in the creative sector.

How long will the apprentice work for me?

15 months maximum, usually 5 days a week. Working times are decided by you, but shouldn’t be over 40 hours per week. Alongside this, the apprentice will study a level 3 Diploma in their creative subject.

How do they study the apprenticeship?

The apprentice needs to spend 20% of their time with you studying. They’ll mostly work online from your workplace. A lot of this study is flexible but once a month they’ll attend a day-long masterclass.

What are their wages?

The current apprenticeship minimum wage is £3.70p/h for the first 12 months of the apprenticeship. After this the UK national minimum wage applies.

Any other costs?

If the apprentice is aged 16-18: You pay nothing towards the cost of their qualification training. Plus, you can claim a £1000 incentive from the UK government.

If the apprentice is aged 19 or above: you pay 10% (£900 – £1200) towards the cost of their qualification training. This is paid in 15 x (£60 – £80) monthly instalments via direct debit.

How do I recruit an apprentice?

We have an in-house recruitment team that meets lots of talent each week. We can screen and select suitable candidates for your role. You can also recruit through your own channels. To give us your job description just fill in this quick online form.

Do apprentices get support from BCT?

Yes, each apprentice is assigned an assessor. This person is the liaison between the apprentice and your company. This saves you from investing too many hours into supporting the apprentice.

What if we’re a Levy company?

If your annual wage bill is over £3m you will have to pay an apprenticeship levy. The recruitment process is exactly the same. You will pay the total cost of the apprentice’s training from your Levy account. Our team can support you with this.

The apprenticeship is a programme designed to give people the skills and experience to progress in the creative industries.

The apprentice will:

  • Work for you for 15 months, full time, in a role that fits one of our apprenticeships.
  • Study a qualification for 20% of their time with you
  • Receive £3.70ph min for 12 months, then UK national minimum wage for the last 3 months
  • Be assigned a BCT assessor to monitor their progress with you

You will:

  • Employ the apprentice for a suitable creative position
  • Support the apprentice to study their qualification for 20% of their time with you
  • Claim £1000 for any apprentice that is 16-18
  • Or pay 10% towards the cost of training any apprentice that is aged 19+

Our in-house team can help you find your ideal apprentice.

Simply fill in this quick online form to give us some details about your vacancy.

We’ll then advertise your role and start screening candidates.

Once we have a batch of brilliant CVs we’ll send them over and help you arrange interviews.

The current minimum wage for an apprentice is £3.70 per hour for 12 months.

After this they must receive national minimum wage.

Where possible, we encourage employers to consider the cost of living in London.

Apprentices are paid through your standard payroll system.

Apprenticeship Levy paying companies

  • The new Apprenticeship Levy being introduced from April 2017 is designed to encourage employers to embrace apprenticeships as a way of meeting their current and future skills needs.
  • It will fund the government’s ambition to support 3 million high quality apprenticeships by 2020.
  • All employers in the UK with a payroll bill greater than £3m per year will have to pay the levy and will be charged at 0.5% of payroll.
  • The Levy will fund ‘digital training vouchers’ for apprentices allocated to employers to fund apprenticeship training (and cannot be used for wages, standards development, training materials or course content)

Non Levy Employers (under £3m payroll)

  • Employers not subject to the Levy (with PAYE bills under £3m) are entitled to 90% of their Apprenticeship training costs paid
  • Employers / SMEs with under 50 employees can have all their training costs paid in full if the apprentice is aged 16-18.
  • Employers / SMEs with under 50 employees pay 10% of the training costs for apprentices aged 19+.

Employers will receive an additional £1000 when they employ a 16-18 y/o apprentices to pay towards the extra support younger apprentices need.

Whether you’re a small or large employer, subject to the Levy or not, apprenticeships represent opportunities to grow your workforce through apprenticeships with Big Creative.

If your interested in joining the Big Creative Apprenticeship movement and taking on a creative apprentice please contact;

Kate Hammond (Media / Marketing) kate.hammond@bigcreative.education
Dave Newton (Music / Events) dave.newton@bigcreative.education M 07792 254 718

Big Creative Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA)

An Apprenticeship Training Agency or ATA is an ‘umbrella’ employer for a group of apprentices who work across various organisations. ATAs are ideal for project-based, freelance-dominated sectors with many SMEs such as the creative industries (i.e. where there are limited opportunities for an apprentice to spend at least 12 months with one employer).

Big Creative was approved as an ATA in late 2016 and we are currently developing our menu of services for employers who find it difficult to commit to an apprentice for 12 months. If you are interested in finding out more about our new ATA and how it can help you support new apprenticeships in your organisation get in touch. info@bigcreative.business

Employer Testimonials

Many of our BCT apprentices have graduated to become important members of the Barcroft team holding responsible positions and even winning awards. Its been great to have been able to support their talent.


I like BCT because they have introduced ITN to a group of enthusiastic young people from diverse backgrounds that are driven by a passion for media.


BCT gave us a list of amazing young people to interview, which is great help to a small business where recruitment can be a nightmare. The young people were enthusiastic, motivated and ready to learn.