Vacancy title: Account Executive / Digital Marketer

Vacancy type: Full-time

Salary: £8 Per Hr

Duration: 15 Months

Start date: ASAP

We’re looking for an ambitious, client-facing Account Executive to join our award-winning creative team. The successful candidate will be working with our global clients and in-house production team in Walthamstow to craft distinctive brand films and related content.

Role & Responsibilities Working under our Senior Account Managers, the Account Executive is key to ShootMedia producing digital content around a brand’s best stories and ideas. The Account Executive coordinates all aspects of a project internally, as well as handling clients of all levels within the brands we work for and the agencies we work alongside. This role is primarily focused on a couple of key accounts, but will also have the chance to work across other aspects of the business, and on one-off films for a host of other major brands. We have a portfolio of work across a variety of sectors including property, luxury goods, and financial. The content we produce is primarily video, so an understanding of film production workflows would be advantageous. Films are produced by an in-house team, so this role will involve working closely with researchers, producers, camera operators, and editors. Although film content is the main focus, we also produce related media, including email marketing, campaign landing pages, and content for online promotion and distribution. As such this role required a broad understanding of marketing strategies and the ability to recommend usage of content to support a client’s objectives. Responsibilities fall into a couple of broad areas:. Assisting in the management of digital content production, from initial brief and concept development through to delivery, including:

● Regular communication with clients and suppliers both in person and on the phone

● Liaising with the production, project management, and post-production teams (including producers, production crews and other creatives) to ensure projects are delivered on time within budget.

● Working with project managers and production coordinators on project administration, keeping to strict schedules

● Accurately inputting into, and sometimes creating, cost trackers

● Handling client feedback and requests and managing them through internally in a expeditious way

●Editorial / production assistance, including (but not limited to) casting, sourcing creative suppliers and freelancers and developing call sheets.

● Responsible for the delivery of ads for both broadcast, cinema, print and digital (under supervision of AM or SAM)

● Managing the delivery of assets for press, digital and OOH to correct specs and schedule

● Day to day management of ad trafficking (Clearcast, third party delivery companies and internal processes) 2. Client development and sales support, including:

● Working with the Senior Account Managers and Account Directors to develop client relationships and spot opportunities within their businesses generate and nurture new sales leads

● Working collaboratively with the team to develop creative ideas in response to client briefs

● Managing clients efficiently to help ensure business retention i.e responding efficiently to client enquiries on projects

● Supplying and reviewing creative assets, copy or research for sales presentations and proposals

● Assisting Marketing team with assets and CRM input

● Assisting marketing assistant with updates to the company’s website and case study write ups 3. Understanding broader marketing strategies and the use of content within them.

● Assisting with Account Manager’s brief development

● Understanding and contributing to the collation of relevant KPIs and reporting (under the supervision of SAMs and ADs)

Be ambitious for ourselves and for our projects

Our team have a desire for personal and professional growth. We create opportunities for us to strive and do more, both for ourselves and for the projects we work on.

Find the real story

Always find the real story. Clients often miss the emotional hook of a brief. Look at the challenges, the jeopardy or the emotional journey – what is it that’s going to engage the audience and for from there.

Strong creative

The story is nothing without a strong creative to back it up – what is it that’s going to make our projects look different? No matter what the budget there are always ways to bring creativity and points of difference.

Make it go further

Get more valuable content, make it matter to the client and it to more places:

– Finding other opportunities within their business where content could add value (ideally measurable business or marketing results)

– Spotting opportunities to capture something useful on film in addition to the core of the brief

– Proactively recommending additional distribution points

Take responsibility

We take responsibility for ourselves, deliver on our jobs and don’t drop our work on other people either deliberately or inadvertently.

Be collaborative

With our own team, clients and their other agencies. Invite clients and supporting agencies round for viewing sessions, and keep them up to date with the progress of a project.

Be confident in being challenged and challenging back

Our team have honest and constructive conversations in the interests of a project or the company.