WE BELIEVE IN EMPOWERING OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER TO THRIVE The Mainyard Studios team wake up every morning to help business owners save money, focus their time, connect daily with other business owners and grow their companies.

We make it our business to deliver the best value coworking spaces, private offices, music studios, podcast studios and maker-spaces by creating environments that support productivity, by striving to offer the most affordable rents compared to other multi-site workspaces providers and by getting to know all of the people in our spaces so that we can connect them with others and resources to help them grow.

In 2012, co-founders Remi & Tori took over a derelict factory near their home in Hackney Wick, East London. They worked 2 jobs and threw parties in the space to raise money. They worked all available hours, day or night doing most of the building work themselves with upcycled and scavenged materials to transform the unloved building into a place where an entrepreneurial community could thrive.

Now in 2020, Mainyard Studios is a growing affordable workspace provider and home to 250+ businesses from multiple industries housed in the various coworking spaces, offices, music studios, and maker spaces in 7 sites spread across 5 London boroughs.

We are fanatical about personal development and believe that it is integral to achieving desired outcomes in life.

  • Everybody who joins our team joins our monthly coaching session with a Tony Robbin’s coach that helps us understand ourselves, one another and communicate better. As well as an annual personal development retreat.
  • Everybody has a say in how we run and grow the company and the more involved you are, the more your ideas will impact the company’s growth. Once a year everyone is invited to the annual review where we take 2 days for high-level strategic growth plans. We also meet weekly to check on progress.
  • You need to show that you are committed to your own personal development through the books you read, the podcasts you listen to and events you attend and what you recommend to others and why. If you are not interested in practising personal growth, please do not apply. You’ll hate us and the company culture!

We are still in a kind of ‘Start-Up’ mode due to the velocity at which we have scaled in the last 5 years and how lean we operate.

The Company

Our core values:

  • Leadership – Every member of the Mainyard Team must be a Leader in their own right. Take responsibility even when no one is around to see you do it.
  • Humour – We take our work seriously however we don’t take ourselves too seriously! Getting offended and taking things too personally is a waste of time and energy. Let’s focus on how to make progress.
  • Collaboration over Competition – There are always opportunities to connect with others and grow together. Share what you know. Help others to do the same.
  • Progress over perfection – Do your best however don’t be paralyzed by perfection! Stay curious, ask questions and take action! Challenge the status quo to show you are participating in life.
  • No drama – Because life is too short not to find peace, joy and to knuckle down and problem solve!

The Position: We’re looking for a Junior Digital Marketing Wizard


  • Working with the marketing team and founders of Mainyard Studios to deliver marketing goals
  • Create and upload copy and images for our wordpress website
  • Edit and create pages on our wordpress website
  • Write and dispatch email marketing campaigns
  • Provide accurate reports and analysis to the marketing director and founder to demonstrate effective return on investment (ROI)
  • Research new online media opportunities that may benefit the business including mobile, social media, development of blogs and forums
  • Design website banners and assist with web visuals
  • Conduct keyword research and web statistics reporting
  • Contribute to social media engagement and brand awareness campaigns
  • Use web analytics software to monitor the performance of our websites and make recommendations for improvement
  • Contribute to company and industry blogs and manage e-communications
  • Assist with paid media
  • Help to develop and integrate content marketing strategies
  • Keep up to date with current digital trends
  • Manage the contact database and assist with lead generation activities
  • Help to develop method of bringing more high-quality traffic to our website
  • Negotiate with media suppliers to achieve the best price for clients.
  • Assist with link building strategies, SEO and website visitor tracking

We are opening up to someone who is switched on, sociable, productive, organised, resilient, curious and wants to contribute to how a team and company can continually grow.

Someone who is a leader in their own right. Someone willing to stretch themselves to exceed expectations and help others do the same.

We like to work with people who can problem-solve, get stuff done, take their work but not themselves too seriously and can easily find joy in the ups and the challenges of daily life.

Someone who is looking for real-life business experience that could set you up to be an amazing entrepreneur or business owner in your own right.

We offer mentorship from two badass dudes who have built a thriving company from nothing and the opportunity to excel in a business built from scratch that touches the lives of hundreds of people every week.

Why Should You Apply?

  • If you like to see the impact of your efforts and energy, this is the place for you! On the flip side, your effort and energy directly impact the business so if you do not like to or cannot create and implement things, please do not apply. It will be part of your job to co-create and apply the structure.
  • You’ll have a real chance to make a difference in the growth of a brand with your input.
  • Mainyard Studios is an excellent vehicle to effect positive change in a wider sense as well as nurturing the growth and development of our communities.
  • Opportunity to progress as the company grows. We all wear many hats for now, however, in the near future, we will be able to fill dedicated roles and the people contributing to the business in tangible ways will have the chance to develop roles that suit their own strengths and goals.

Entry requirements

Five GCSEs at Grades A\*-C or 9 – 4 (including English & Maths), Functional Skills Level 2 in English and Maths, or a relevant Level 2 Apprenticeship. This is a government requirement.


Skills Required

  • Strong verbal communication skills for articulating ideas to team mates
  • Excellent written communication skills for producing high quality content
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • The capacity to prioritise and work across multiple projects
  • Organisational skills with the ability to deliver a high volume of quality work
  • Creative skills for contributing new and innovative ideas
  • Networking and analytical skills
  • Knowledge of existing and emerging social media platforms
  • Excellent IT skills.

Personal Qualities

  • The ability to work as part of a team
  • The ability to work independently and flexibly
  • The ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Energy and determination
  • Grit and Resourcefulness