We design beautiful moving graphics, animation and visual effects that breathe life into abstract ideas for filmmakers, and clarify complex concepts for their audiences. We believe in design with context and have a passion for cinematic storytelling. We work regularly with projects based in London, LA and NYC, and can adapt our resources on a per project basis.
Core Duties:

• Interpret the objectives of the client’s/customer’s brief
• Research ideas and concepts to meet the brief
• Analyse the differences between media campaigns aimed at retention, acquisition and conversion of customers for clients
• Identify & recommend the appropriate platform/s or channel/s to use for the media campaign
• Ensure that the content being developed is organised, structured and labelled effectively and in a logical manner that allows for efficient search and retrieval
• Operate effectively within the production workflow
• Obtain media assets for use within content creation
• Ensure content is accessible to all end users and language best practice is applied
• Understand the user experience to ensure content is focused on maximising engagement
• Write and edit copy for use in print and online
• Optimise webpage content to ensure high rankings in search engine results
• Prepare media assets for use

Personal Qualities

  • Strong interest in film and/or design
  • Positive outlook and enthusiastic approach
  • Willingness to learn
  • Can do’ attitude