We at BCE are sure that all members of our community join us in sharing the horror and outrage we all feel about events in America, the Black Lives Matter campaign, and the wider issues around inequality in British society, we wanted to provide a further update on the organisation’s response.

We commit to working together to address structural inequality for black people and other groups in society, both through our actions in terms of how the organisation is run, through our work with employers and the important work we do educating our young people.

We want to express our deep gratitude to all colleagues, parents and carers and students that have provided their thoughts, energy and ideas as part of the co-creation of a plan of action. 

BCE has worked with diverse communities for over 20 years to enable social mobility and our ambition is to lead the sector in terms of our response to Black Lives Matter. For this to happen our actions must be systemic and permanent, and owned by the leaders of the organisation, embedded into our classrooms and championed by staff and students.

The way forward is through collaborative action that harnesses the surge of energy arising at this time and puts it to positive use to create permanent change. 

Of course, we welcome further input and ideas from all our stakeholders and students, and are very much looking forward to working with colleagues to move this extremely important area of work forwards in a manner which results in the systemic change that is needed.

If you would like further information or to contribute in any way please email ben.jolly@bigcreative.education

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