Big Creative Training held it’s very first VIRTUAL CAREERS DAY on Thursday 7th May.

The day was filled with a range full of creative activities including, well being sessions and exclusive Q&A’s from industry professionals, all carried out remotely using Google HangOuts.

The morning began with ‘Setting Up A Home Studio’, where music production tutors Tom & Kazeem showed young people how to create a quality sounding studio set up at a low cost. They spoke to students about some of the latest affordable products and what not to buy. The session allowed students to get an insight into frequency response and base frequencies that may build up in home studios and what to do to avoid this.

In the afternoon, staff members and students were put to the test in Coach Carrel’s well-being fitness class. The session consisted of a circuit workout, YOGA poses and a cool down which gave students helpful tips and workouts to carry out during lockdown.

Students were also invited into a webinar and live Q&A hosted by tutors and industry guests from Gaming, Animation & VFX education provider Escape Studios. Young people received useful tips and advice for how to apply for universities, job interviews and how to create a standout CV and Portfolio. They also spoke about how to make the most out of networking.

Creative Director & Lego Enthusiast ‘Bwoy Wonder’ ran a live interactive challenge for our students, giving them the task of working to a brief within a limited time scale. The objective was to design a collaboration concept for McDonalds and Nike using one of three content styles: Fashion, Vocals or Production. The best design/concept is to be voted by ‘Bwoy Wonder’ and the winner will receive a FREE portable charging bank created by our Enterprise students.

To wrap the up the day, students were treated to a special guest panelist from the world of theatre and television, including theatre actress Zainab Jah, Bollywood actress Manorma Joisi and Chewing Gum star Jonathon Livingstone. Lead by our Performing Arts Tutor Janet. The guests would go on to talk about their previous experiences in the industry and the steps they took to get where they are today. They offered advice to our young people to help them make most out of the opportunities available.

As well as the live sessions, students where also given extra curricular activities for different subjects including an introduction into web development by Games Design tutor Adrian, and a taster into life at the BBC with Media tutor James. A video library was also shared with our young people with tips on games design, event planning and management, dealing with failure and tips for your future created by our tutors and courtesy of The Apple Store UK.

Tutors also recommended online resource packs with links to virtual interviews, CV advice, how to cope with stress, a money personality test, an introduction to apprenticeships and links to current vacancies within the creative industries.

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