Big Creative Training E-Learning!

In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, Big Creative Training is supporting our learners to continue their full-time creative education offer including their main vocational subject plus maths, English and self-development sessions.

Learners with less resources available to them have been provided with BCE laptops as well as portable WIFI, for those who don’t have internet at home, so that they are still able to complete their coursework and obtain their grades before the June deadline.

Our dedicated tutors and support staff are working daily providing young people with online classes using ‘google hangouts’. lessons take place as usual except learners are remotely attending from their homes during lockdown.

As well as the coursework our Games Design students have been taking part in an online e-Sports tournament, to keep them busy and engaged. Earlier this year our very own e-Sports team the “Blackhorse Knights” reached the regional semi-final of Nintendo’s “Super Smash Bro’s” tournament with DigiSchool House

During these strange times we will continue to ensure our young people remain and creative and supported, learning about the industries they are passionate about.

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