Former learner Hulda tells us about her journey after BCE.

By 23rd April 2019 November 18th, 2019 Big Creative Academy, Big Creative Education, Events

We are pleased to announce, former learner Hulda Adao as one of our success stories.

During her time here at BCE, Hulda studied a level 3 events management course. She spent two years learning the logistics of how events are organised. She had the opportunity to network with learners from our creative media course and as a result started her own YouTube channel. Hulda explained that BCE gave her the creative space to begin thinking about personal ventures that she wanted to pursue.

After BCE, Hulda studied at Northampton University and went on to complete a BA Hons degree in International Tourism Management/Events management. She describes her experience at university as amazing “I’ve made so many incredible likeminded people and it’s taught me a lot about independence and self-management.  In terms of the degree, I’ve learnt about more about teamwork and the importance of communication and developed a lot of skills which I can take into the workplace.”

Whilst studying at University, Hulda is running her own company called ‘EyeSpeak’. EyeSpeak visits various schools in Northampton, facilitating a space where young people can discuss social issues and share ideas. The workshops are ‘designed to provoke thought by bringing awareness to social issues within society. Encouraging individuals to overcome difficult circumstances by promoting conversation and consciousness.’ (Adao, 2019)

Hulda is also a trustee at a charity called ‘Speakers Trust’. She is responsible for attending various prestigious events and partnership launches, explaining how the charity has helped her and most importantly making sure the views of young people are heard. Hulda explains that this role is a huge responsibility but enjoys being a voice for change.

Another project that Hulda is working on is a project called ‘Peace pals’. Described as a ‘change maker’ comic, Peace pals depicts the characteristics of people that have made positive changes to society. Each month the comic focuses on positive characteristics such as generosity and puts together a story that exemplifies that trait.

When speaking to Hulda, we asked her about her goals for the next year. She mentioned that she aims to expand her ‘EyeSpeak’ business by venturing out to more schools and to continue putting out comics that spread positive messages to young people.

Hulda explained that she loves delving into social issues and helping young people to explore their thoughts. She is looking forward to future with all of her projects and hopes to continue being a voice for the youth.

You can check out Hulda’s website for EyeSpeak and her comic below.