Is a Traineeship right for you?

Not sure if you’re ready for an Apprenticeship?
Need more confidence or experience?

Getting a job in the creative industries can be very competitive. Companies often receive lots of applications every week and can afford to be very selective. 

It is the same with apprenticeships in the creative industries. The companies we work with often value experience as much as qualifications. But how do you get that all important work experience? 

Our Traineeships have been specifically designed to move you closer to a paid apprenticeship. They are a great way to get the work experience and practical skills that the apprenticeship employers are looking for.

You will get to work with a cool creative company for 12 weeks; learning about the industry and building your skills and experience. The company will cover your travel expenses as a minimum, but you will not yet receive the apprenticeship wage.

Alongside this you will have the chance to improve your English and maths grades if these are a barrier to an apprenticeship. 

Towards the end of the traineeship placement we discuss your options with your employer. Some employers may keep you on as an apprentice. If not, we will continue to work with you to find a suitable apprenticeship. Remember you will now have 12 weeks of experience on your CV plus lots of relevant skill and this will make you a lot more employable.

You can see the kind of cool, creative companies you could be working with by clicking the ‘Vacancies’ button below.

If you’re interested in a BCE Traineeship please read the eligibility checklist below and click ‘apply now’. A member of the team will invite you in for a pre-screening group interview.

About BCT Traineeships

  • 12 week work placement with a creative company;
  • 4 days a week working with the employer
  • 1 day a week employability training at BCT
  • Unwaged, but travel expenses paid
  • Access to financial bursary (if eligible)
  • Opportunity to improve English and maths qualifications
  • Progress onto an Apprenticeship, job or course

Current Vacancies


You must be:

- 16 to 18 years old
– Motivated to work, learn and progress
– Without A-Levels or a full Level 3 qualification