Vacancy Title: Mega Events

Vacancy Type: Full-Time

Salary: £732 Per Month

Duration: 14 Weeks

Start Date: ASAP

Location: Hammersmith & Fulham

MEGA entertains 100,000 guests a year at its various events and festivals. We also have recording studios and an artist management arms incorporated in our set up.

Our most notable brands include:

  1. Babylon
  2. Spring Break Amsterdam Festival
  3. The Big Freshers Icebreaker
  4. Bedouin Beach Club

Join our young, vibrant team at our London based offices for some fast paced learning helping us to run the UK’s biggest freshers tour and growing our university network which has over 450,000 members on facebook.A 360 degree experience in all aspects of running large scale shows. In the apprenticeship you will be given your own 2000 capacity plus event to look after with the help of our team.As a trainee we will pay travel & lunch expenses & a performance based bonus (roughly £1,500).We have a 90% success rate in guiding our trainees to selling out their shows.

No experience is necessary, but you must be a very energetic, motivated and competitive individual with the gift of the gab.You will get a well rounded insight into how social media, is used in event management and sales, one-on-one sales techniques and a fabulous opportunity to help execute some of our live events.If you’re up for spending your summer with us working on some of the UK’s biggest projects then this is for you!