Vacancy Title: Inside Digital – Junior Content Producer

Vacancy Type: Full-Time

Salary: £10,000 PA

Duration: 15 Months

Start Date: ASAP

Location: Romford

We are a digital design agency who supply switched-on apprentices to manage your social media. They’re an affordable and effective solution to boost your business online.

Their clever campaigns and content help you attract more customers.

Employed and mentored by us, our apprentices work for you, in-house or outsourced. So, hire a social media star for your next project, event or campaign.

The role

We’re looking for someone to write words. These words get used across digital, social media, broadcast and print.

You’ll be a Junior Content Producer apprentice. This means you create digital content, in this case mostly writing.

Working with a team, you’ll work on real client projects. Your goal is to help each client achieve their business goals. That might be getting more sales, sign-ups, shares or whatever they need.

You’ll also learn how to work with client briefs. And how to communicate to their audience using their brand voice.

We’re looking for self-starters who like tech and digital, as well as wider culture. Ideally you’ll know some Adobe Creative Suite software too.

So, what is Copywriting?

Well, it’s writing that makes people do stuff. That might be writing a website that makes people buy something. Or writing an email that makes people sign up for a something. Or even writing social media posts that makes people click Like or Share.

It all depends on what our clients want.

Do I need to be the world’s best writer?

Nope. Copywriting works best with short, simple sentences. We’ll show you how our words work. It’s not about clever, show-off sentences. Or rambling, flowery descriptions of daffodils in fields etc.

A decent grasp of the English language helps. But we often break ‘old-school’ grammatical rules. (Like using ‘but’ at the start of this sentence).

What will I learn?

How to use words to make people do things. And how to work with clients who want you to write for them. Part of your week will be with a small (but perfectly formed) copywriting agency. They’ll make you feel at home (don’t worry).

Sounds great right? Cool, then apply now and let’s have a chat.

GCSE Maths AND English