Vacancy title: Inside Digital – Junior Content Producer

Vacancy type: Full-time

Salary: £10,000 PA

Duration: 15 Months

Start date: ASAP

Inside Digital is a full service, digital agency built for driving business outcomes via engaging & creative media content.

Our clients rely on us to supply them talented social media & digital content apprentices, per project, event or campaign. All apprentices are employed & mentored by Inside Digital and you will be working within a team of other liked minded apprentices at our offices in Romford, Essex.

We give our clients the time to focus on their businesses while we manage their social media and digital marketing output all with mentored creative & inspiring apprentices.

A Junior Content Producer (also referred to as a Creative Content Assistant) is responsible for developing and creating content that can be used across a variety of media including digital, social media, broadcast or in print.

Working to the customer/client brief, you will research, prepare and develop the media messaging to maximise audience engagement, capturing the strategy and objectives of the brand and needs of the customer they are representing.

The content created can be used as part of media, advertising and marketing campaigns. You have to capture what is exciting about a campaign and design the elements that can be used across media platforms and channels. Junior Content Producers collaborate with other print and digital designers, using authoring languages to create content for the World Wide Web, which may include video, images, text (or “copy”) and social media content. An enthusiasm for technology and creating great online experiences is a must.

You will be expected to demonstrate a passion for creating content for creative and digital media and a level of proficiency with design software including Adobe Creative Suite. An ability to work effectively both individually and collaboratively as part of a team. The ability to build and maintain positive relationships with customers and a strong work ethic and commitment in order to meet the standards required.

You will typically be working as part of a team, in which you will have responsibility for specific elements of the overall marketing plan or campaign. The junior content producer will work to marketing briefs and instructions.

You will report to a senior creative director / mentor and would be expected to learn

  1. planning content strategies
  2. developing content
  3. creating and evaluating content
  4. wide understanding of the media industry
  5. optimising web content for to ensure high search engine rankings
  6. researching ideas and concepts
  7. presenting client pitches and proposals

Knowledge and Understanding – Content Planning

  1. How to identify the commercial drivers for a client/customer
  2. The importance of brand, brand awareness and the intended audience within a brief
  3. How print and digital audiences differ and the different communication styles that could be used
  4. How creative content can be used across channels and platforms
  5. How to work within a budget allocation for a brief
  6. Where content creation fits within a marketing strategy
  7. The applicability of emerging technologies, standards and trends to a campaign
  8. How to select/create a metadata schema to classify content for storage

Knowledge and Understanding – Content Development

  1. The different styles of writing that can be used according to the type of campaign
  2. How to establish the appropriate tone of voice for the campaign
  3. Understand the end to end production workflow process and the key stages, and own role within this
  4. The regulatory and legal requirements when using media assets such as copyright, intellectual property rights, web accessibility etc
  5. Understand the principles of negotiation and how to apply these when acquiring channel and platform space or time.