Vacancy Title: Inside Digital – Events

Vacancy Type: Full-Time

Salary: £10,000 PA

Duration: 15 Months

Start Date: ASAP

Inside Digital is a full service, digital agency built for driving business outcomes via engaging & creative media content.

Our clients rely on us to supply them talented social media & digital content apprentices, per project, event or campaign. All apprentices are employed & mentored by Inside Digital and you will be working within a team of other liked minded apprentices at our offices in Romford, Essex.

We give our clients the time to focus on their businesses while we manage their social media and digital marketing output all with mentored creative & inspiring apprentices.

As an Events Assistant you will typically be working within a team of people in our case within our Digital Agency. The role would usually provide support to a number of events and would see you carrying out a diverse range of tasks necessary to plan, organise and deliver an event: for example, searching for the right location and venue for the event; working with the design team on the look and feel of the event; or organising logistics like transportation and catering. The events organised may be for Inside Digital or could be for a variety of different clients including large corporations, smaller companies and not- for-profit organisations.

Events cover a broad range of activities and the scale of projects vary, from small numbers of attendees through to thousands. The types of events you may be working on include training events, outdoor events, cultural events, sporting and music events. Companies use events to bring together different groups of people: The breadth and diversity of the events is partly what makes this such an exciting role.

You will typically be working as part of a team, in which you will have responsibility for specific elements of the overall marketing plan or campaign. The Events Assistant will work to marketing briefs and instructions.

You will report to a senior creative director / mentor and would be expected to learn

  1. how to respond to event requests, and find locations and venues
  2. carry out daily and weekly tasks to plan and prepare events
  3. create reports, event project plans and written presentations
  4. an understanding of event technology platforms, systems and databases
  5. knowledge of the other roles in events, such as logistics, production, creative design and event management
  6. an understanding of the events industry, competitors, regulations and internal policies

Knowledge and Understanding – Operational

  1. How an event moves through its lifecycle from research and planning to delivery and evaluation.
  2. The respective roles of different functions: logistics, production, creative and design in event management; what each area is responsible for and how they contribute to the successful delivery of an event.
  3. How different venues may be suited a particular event based on clients’ needs.
  4. How event logistics can impact on the smooth running of an event.
  5. Each aspect of event logistics: the venue, delegate management, transportation, accommodation, catering.
  6. How the event suppliers combine to contribute to deliver an event.
  7. What the onsite team at an event are responsible for and how they work to ensure that the client’s and all the delegates needs are met.
  8. Regulation and policies that are relevant to your job role.

Knowledge and Understanding – Professional

  1. Why clients’ choose to hold events, what purpose they serve, and how they would evaluate different types of events.
  2. What clients typically expect from a department or company who is organising the event, and the importance of meeting or exceeding clients’ expectations.
  3. The importance of client feedback – dealing with it and using it to improve.
  4. Importance of time-keeping, attendance, personal presentation and conduct and how this reflects on the company or department that is responsible for organising events for clients.
  5. The importance of being flexible to the needs of urgent requirements for an event.

Knowledge and Understanding – Commercial

  1. Develop an understanding of the business, its competitors, and how success is measured.
  2. How the role of the Events Assistant contributes to business success.
  3. Understand how an event budget is constructed and managed.