Our philosophy is that every one of our learners be given the opportunity to fulfil their potential during their time at Big Creative Academy. The following system reflects our provision for students whose special educational needs deem them to be in need of learning support.

ALS Support Co-Ordinator Contact Details

ALS Support Co-Ordinator: Miss Shayne Edwards
Contact details: shayne.edwards@bigcreative.eduation
Tel: 0208 498 3318

Management of Special Educational Needs

The management of students with special educational needs is overseen by the SENCO officer who has the responsibility to:

  • Ensure that all staff recognise the importance of planning their lessons in ways that will encourage the participation and learning of all pupils.
  • Seek to ensure, through active collaboration with Course Managers and teachers, that the learning of all students is given equal priority.
  • Ensure that learning resources are used efficiently and effectively so that all students are given equal opportunity.
  • Play a key role in supporting, guiding and motivating colleagues, particularly in disseminating examples of effective practice in relation to pupils with SEN.
  • Co-ordinate the day to day operation of the SEN policy.
  • Ensure that additional provision, resources and alternative exam arrangements are acquired, co-ordinated and assigned to those for whom it is needed.

Identification of a student with Special Educational Needs

The SENCO ensures early identification and screening of new entrants through:

  • Effective liaison arrangements with partner schools and, where possible, being present at the transition review.
  • Liaison with parents/carers.
  • Liaison with the tutors and other staff.
  • Liaison with outside agencies.
  • Numeracy and literacy tests on entry.

Useful websites that support SEN

EHCP Pathway
Money and benefit information for 11 -19 year olds
Places to go and see in Waltham Forest for SEND young adults
Preparing for adult hood
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