Music Tech Summer Course

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Do you have an EP that needs some final touches? Are you an artist who wants to know how to mix to get that professional sound? We have the perfect course for you!


Summer Course


The course will run for 5 days a week from Monday 3rd July- Friday 28th July 9.30-16.30 pm.

Who is the course for?
The course is for 16-18 year olds who have not been in education for this current academic year.

Do I need any particular skills or qualifications?
Applicants do not have to have any prior qualifications or previous knowledge about the subject. Applicants must however have a keen interest in music production, Djing or sound engineering.

What will I gain from this course?
Learners will gain a Level 2 Employability qualification with us provided they remain on the course for the duration.

What will I get from being taught?
Learners will be taught how to use the latest Logic Pro software and DJ equipment. They will have the opportunity to use our studio to create a short EP Album with their original music and create a social media platform for their music to be heard. They will learn how to mix and master their music and collaborate with their peers.
The will also learn about the various roles within the music business and how each role intertwines with each other. They will learn how to calculate taxes and find out more about how they can earn royalties through different outlets playing their music.

Are bursaries available?
Yes, learners will receive money to compensate for their travel and lunch.


Interested? Contact our Admissions Team on:
Telephone: 0203 873 5800

Ableton Training Session

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A select number of staff and students took part in an Ableton training session hosted at our Training campus. This was an excellent opportunity to get first-hand experience using the newest Ableton Live software and exciting, new ‘Push’ controller. The new ‘Push’ gives users the best of everything. It’s a powerful, expressive instrument that provides hands-on control of an unlimited palette of sounds, without needing to look at a computer; making the process of making a song easier than it has been before.The training session demonstrated how to load sounds into the ‘Push’, how to sequence, how to time-stretch as well as various modern techniques of music production. Staff and students had great fun learning how to use the controller, special thanks to Simon from Ableton for delivering such an informative and interactive session!

Watch a demonstration of the Ableton Push:


We’re All Good!

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Ofsted, the schools’ regulatory body, has recently inspected all three organisations within our Big Creative Education family and rated us at Grade 2 ‘Good’.




Careers & Progression Day

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On April 27th Big Creative Academy campus hosted our annual Careers and Progression Takeover; a day devoted to exploring career opportunities and educational progression for our learners at both Big Creative Training and our Academy. We invited a number of exhibitors in to have one-to-one chats with our learners about the opportunities open to them once completing their time studying with us at BCE. The third floor of our Academy was transformed into an exhibition space where various organisations and universities were on hand to deliver expert advice from how to make your CV the best it can be to opportunities available with St John Ambulance. As well as giving learners the chance to browse the exhibitors, they had the chance to take part in interactive workshops with Leap; Confronting Conflict, The British Council and Waltham Forest Y.I.A.G.
The Careers & Progression Takeover is an excellent way to connect our learners to fantastic opportunities that contribute to their professional and personal progression, in addition to building the necessary skills for a sustainable career in the creative industries…” Anthony Brathwaite - (Careers & Progression Officer/Organiser of Careers of The Careers & Progression Takeover)
Special thanks to Anthony Brathwaite and the student services team for doing a fantastic job of organising the day!

Industry Guest – Raf Riley

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Member of the OddChild family, Raf Riley, took a trip to our Academy to meet our level 2 and 3 music performance and technology learners. Known for his unique style of production, Raf has worked with a roster of artists including Etta Bond, Avelino, Lady Leshurr, Stormzy & more! During his visit, he spoke about the steps he took in his career and how he ended up collaborating with some of the UK’s most successful artists as well as spoke about his preferred production software and his views on current popular music. Once quizzed with questions, our music performance learners took to the stage for the opportunity to perform to Raf and receive feedback on their chosen song; Raf was particularly impressed with our Academy band!

Industry Tips – Alex Manzi

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At our Careers & Progression Day we were joined by the BBC 1XTRA Outreach team who held a discussion about their own career progression and the work experience opportunities available at BBC Radio 1XTRA.

Social Media Producer for BBC Radio 1XTRA Alex Manzi shared some of his most valuable tips when trying to succeed in your chosen career:

1. Nothing is handed to you on a plate. Be prepared to put in extra hours outside of school/college/work.
2. If you’re really passionate about what you do, these extra hours should never feel like work.
3. You will find obstructions along the way, but you need to have the fight to overcome them.
4. Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else. You have your own story to write and journey to follow.
5. Focus on the small goals instead of the end goal. You will get there if you do all of the right things along the way.
6. Very important! Never stop learning about what it is you want to do. Knowledge is king.
7. If you start out trying to chase the money, you’re already taking the wrong approach. You should be doing it for the love of doing it.
8. Ask for advice. There are plenty of people like myself who will try to offer help where they can.
9. Take inspiration from the people around you, as well as the people you look up to.
10. Don’t let exam results or grades define you. They only make the next step slightly easier. You can achieve anything you want.


Alex also records and uploads chats with industry professionals as ‘Dreamer’s Disease’ on SoundCloud, have a listen to his latest podcast where he speaks to Artist Manager and Record Label Owner Moz  about getting a foot in the record industry, his experiences in different working environments, how a life-threatening operation changed his outlook, what he learnt from being on tour with Chance The Rapper and loads more!

BCT Ofsted Report

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Staff and students at Big Creative Training were visited by Ofsted from 15-17 March 2017.

We’re pleased to announce that we have received the status ‘Good’ across all categories!

Key Findings BCT Ofsted
Full Ofsted Report

Learners Make and Sell with MyBnk

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Our Big Creative Training learners put on their entrepreneurial hats to design, create and sell their own T-shirts and tote bags in Walthamstow Market as part of the MyBnk Business Battle project, supported by the London Stock Exchange Group, which helps youths from London’s poorest boroughs learn negotiating and customer interaction skills. Our learners managed to make a £50 profit from an interest-free £50 micro loan in four days of selling. MyBnk is a UK-based charity who’s mission is to teach young people how to manage their money and set up their own enterprise. MyBnk’s experts deliver practical enterprise experiences by giving young people access to interest-free loans and market places to set up their own initiatives.

“At the beginning of the week I wanted to be a rapper, but now I want to set up my own business.” - Aman Guhinya, BCT student


Academy March Newsletter

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bca newsletter 1

newsletter 2

This newsletter was created by Academy learners Ela, Lottie, Patryk, Tiayanna and Makkadus.

Wellbeing Boost For Academy Learners

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Students at our Academy had a whole day to concentrate on their own wellbeing as part of our school’s ethos of character education. Collaborating with youth services within the borough of Waltham Forest and local police, we  hosted a carousel of workshops for students to learn about maintaining good mental health, anti-bullying, how to manage conflict effectively, substance misuse and their rights in stop and search. Students also received a motivational lecture from Paul Oginsky, an expert in character education, where the aim is “to claim self-esteem as a foundation for the student journey”.

As our Academy is home to creative arts students, the day had its own unique flavour with performances and music throughout. The music students also held a charity gig for the Give a Gig campaign raising money for Youth Music. Our Academy runs a Wellbeing programme alongside vocational courses to provide a framework for students to learn. Singer/Songwriter Raphaella also visited our campus to speak on her work with the #iSTANDfor anti-bullying campaign where she spoke on her experience as a victim and performed her single ‘Beautiful Like Me’ to a room of lucky learners.

“Many of our students have experienced social barriers in their lives and, by focusing on wellbeing, the Academy helps students overcome them. We want to emphasise students’ positive values and enable them to have the resilience to succeed.” - Sacha Corcoran MBE

Students found the workshops interesting and insightful. One student commented, “the health of your brain is really important and it’s good to have a day to really think about things. I’m going to start challenging myself to improve my self-esteem”. Another student said, “I learned some shocking facts about the effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain. I’d rather have a cup of tea!”