At our Careers & Progression Day we were joined by the BBC 1XTRA Outreach team who held a discussion about their own career progression and the work experience opportunities available at BBC Radio 1XTRA.

Social Media Producer for BBC Radio 1XTRA Alex Manzi shared some of his most valuable tips when trying to succeed in your chosen career:

1. Nothing is handed to you on a plate. Be prepared to put in extra hours outside of school/college/work.
2. If you’re really passionate about what you do, these extra hours should never feel like work.
3. You will find obstructions along the way, but you need to have the fight to overcome them.
4. Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else. You have your own story to write and journey to follow.
5. Focus on the small goals instead of the end goal. You will get there if you do all of the right things along the way.
6. Very important! Never stop learning about what it is you want to do. Knowledge is king.
7. If you start out trying to chase the money, you’re already taking the wrong approach. You should be doing it for the love of doing it.
8. Ask for advice. There are plenty of people like myself who will try to offer help where they can.
9. Take inspiration from the people around you, as well as the people you look up to.
10. Don’t let exam results or grades define you. They only make the next step slightly easier. You can achieve anything you want.


Alex also records and uploads chats with industry professionals as ‘Dreamer’s Disease’ on SoundCloud, have a listen to his latest podcast where he speaks to Artist Manager and Record Label Owner Moz  about getting a foot in the record industry, his experiences in different working environments, how a life-threatening operation changed his outlook, what he learnt from being on tour with Chance The Rapper and loads more!

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