Big Creative Academy is backing the Metropolitan Police campaign #ChooseALifeNotAKnife by raising awareness amongst the students. The campaign highlights the impact of knife crime, particularly amongst teenagers. Its aim is to persuade young people to commit to not carrying a knife and positively influence those around them.The Academy has promoted the Met’s hard hitting video to students explaining the dangers of knife crime and how to stay safe as part of the Academy’s Wellbeing programme of character education.
At Big Creative Academy we work closely with the police to ensure all our students are safe and have the awareness to lead purposeful lives.” Metropolitan Police Schools Officer, Rakesh Samplay, said, “I am pleased to be taking part in this amazing project. I believe it will have a positive impact on the young people, as the message is very simple – choose a life not a knife. The message is empowering as we are asking young people to look beyond the moment, to look to the future, both theirs and that of a potential victim.
There are very serious consequences to carrying a knife. We are putting the power in the hands of young people to make a choice, the choice of life. I am grateful of the support of the Academy.” 
 “As educators we have a responsibility to talk to our young people about carrying and using knives through campaigns such as #ChooseALifeNotAKnife.”
- Sacha Corcoran MBE, Principal of Big Creative Academy

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