In celebration of International Women’s Day, our students were invited to the UK’s largest all female Street art and graffiti festival hosted by Femme Fierce to to raise money and awareness for the Plan UK charity “Because I Am A Girl” campaign, which sets to end such acts as forced marriage and FGM in children. Student’s role was to capture goings on throughout the day documenting the walls of the tunnel and to photograph the creative stages of each mural. With over 100 female street artists attending and well over 400 cans of spray paint, it was imminent that the outcome would bring a whole new ray of light and colour onto Leake Street tunnel (also known as the Banksy tunnel) in Waterloo, London.

Here’s what our Work Placement Officer Holly had to say about the day:

Femme Fierce Reloaded 2015 Street art Graffiti festival was covered as one of the top three things to do in Timeout so we expected it to be busy and it sure was! Thousands of people passed through on the day so Ayaan Binksy, the Founder needed a lot of assistance. Luckily, I called at the right time and she took 4 events students to steward and be artist liaison. Mohini Begum, Deborah Strauss, Caroline Santa and Leona Peters were given high visible jackets and clipboards single hand-idly managed 150 European female artists. They also partnered with The Vaults to ensure their event went smoothly by showing people where amenities were. They attended a briefing with instructions and learnt things such as what the best way to deal with artists in such a busy environment are. Ayaan was so happy with their work she will be delivering certificates in a presentation next week. It was a great opportunity for them to work directly with the founder of successful London public event for international women’s day. It is a great credit to add to their CV and they will get a certificate and a reference, which will help them find other paid work.

Also, Daniel Lucas from Paramount Pictures was making a documentary about the event and was in charge of obtaining photos for an application, so Ayaan put me in touch with him. Big Creative Media Apprentice Billie Stewart managed this side for me, Alexandra Saraiva, Zakariya Jama, Conor Jones, Victoria Torun, Anthony Aragones and Nana came with cameras or used ours. They had to take pictures of the artwork and how it progressed throughout the day for an application, which will be made ahead of next year’s event. It was a great opportunity for the photographers to manage their own time and strategy. They were told a brief and had to complete it. The freedom of managing your own time and completing a task is invaluable for working projects as a freelancer this industry. They got to work directly with Daniel Lucas who worked for paramount pictures and makes documentaries. They will get a reference and a certificate and more work as a result.

Music Performance student Sarah Homer came to perform with a festival standard sound system. She stunned crowds with her well rehearsed performance and beautiful voice. She was a little nervous before but soon realized there was nothing to be nervous about, so the opportunity made her more comfortable with an audience so she can connect more and show her talent.

All in all a successful event with some very hard work from BCE Students, well done!”

Femme Fierce is a celebration of street art that aims to highlight and promote the women that create street art in studios, scale roof tops and enter abandoned buildings to add colour to the grey concrete walls that make up our cityscape for the love of art.”

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