The Advanced Creative Apprenticeship is a level 3 program combining work based learning with classroom based learning (one day per week). Apprentices are placed within industry-specific companies, while also receiving relevant training from BCAP.

The purpose of this apprenticeship is to equip young people with the real-world experience and training needed to succeed in the creative industries and to be an invaluable asset to the workplace.

Currently BCT offers apprenticeships in Live Events & Promotion, Creative & Digital Media, Music Business and Digital Marketing; we are looking for employers to take on our apprentices.


  • 77% of employers believe apprenticeships make them more competitive;
  • 80% feel that apprenticeships reduce staff turnover;
  • Two-thirds of respondents believe that their apprenticeship programme helps them fill vacancies more quickly, whilst 88% believe that apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce; (Source: Populus, on behalf of the LSC, Feb 08)
  • Over half of employers believe their new recruits lack the combination of specialist skills as well as general skills such as ICT and administration.


Hiring an apprentice is an inexpensive solution to finding young and able support staff for your team; we prepare them for roles such as runners, assistants, A&R, promoters, PA’s and creatives etc. They have been and will continue to be trained in very specific skills relevant to the media, music business or events industry and are taught by industry professionals.


Ideally the apprentice should be employed for four days a week with the employer and one day a week off the job training with BCT. If you wish you can take an apprentice on part-time where they work a minimum of three days a week with the employer and one day off the job training. Full-time employment will only cost £132.00 per week per apprentice. You can choose to take on an apprentice for a minimum of 1 month or up to 12 months and can terminate the agreement at anytime.

AGE Grants – Apprenticeship Grant for Employers

There is also a £3000 grant available to support you with your apprenticeship costs. This could be used to support your apprentices wages or pay for their computer equipment. You can find out more from the National Apprenticeship website, or click here to download the AGE Fact Sheet

If you take on Live Events apprentices their training day is on Thursday, Digtal Media apprentices train on Mondays and the Music Business apprentices train on Friday.
This training is to encourage a quick assimilation into their new company’s culture and pace of work. As the course continues they will receive more relevant industry training.
This starts with our recruitment process where all our apprentices are vetted and selected for their ability to demonstrate talent, skills, commitment, resourcefulness, attention to detail and passion.

We only take on an apprentice if we think that they match these requirements and we are certain they have the right attitude to work in the creative industries. As a result, you will find that our apprentices are very passionate, willing and hungry for an opportunity to prove themselves as strong members of your team.

Employer Testimonials

Sam Barcroft – CEO Barcroft Production

Many of our BCT apprentices have graduated to become important members of the Barcraft teamholding responsible positions and even winning awards. Its been great to have been able to support their talent.

Robin Elias – Managing Editor ITV News

I like BCT because they have introduced ITN to a group of enthusiastic young people from diverse backgrounds that are driven by a passion for media.

Amanda Brown – Head of Content Audioboo

BCT gave us a list of amazing young people to interview, which is great help to a small business where recruitment can be a nightmare. The young people were enthusiastic, motivated and ready to learn.