Student Services

The Student Services team are a number of qualified professionals who are here to help you succeed in your studies. We aim to be a part of your wider experience to support you in ways that enable you to get the most out of your learning with us. The Student Services Hub is an area for our learners to come and research different organisations, look for jobs and volunteering opportunities and to get some private study completed. It is also where learners come as a first point of contact for student services.  We also promote and facilitate a number of wide ranging workshops and sessions throughout the year to support you in getting the best out of your study.


Bursary applications

Students can apply for the 16-19 bursary fund to help with the costs associated to study. It can be used for transport, lunch, clothing, books and equipment for your course. We pay this money straight into your bank accounts if you are entitled to it. The Welfare and Guidance Officer will support you through the application process and provide guidance of all information needed.

NUS cards (National Union of students)

This is discount card giving students discounts in a range of places including the cinema, restaurants and shops. Once enrolled with Big Creative you will be entitled to apply for this card.

Oyster Card

The 16 + oyster card gives 16-18 yrs free bus travel and half the adult pay as you go on Tube, DLR, London Overground and some National Rail services. Again, we would support you in your application process.

Free School Meals

We support learners in determining if they are eligible to collect vouchers to cover lunch meals. We have healthy food options delivered to Big Creative that you would be able to choose from.

Emergency Hardship

There are occasions when a student may find themselves in exceptional financial hardship. In these instances, our Student Services team will assess the level of hardship and award emergency funds as appropriate.

The Team


We also have a qualified Counsellor who can help you with any personal or emotional problems you may have. Counselling involves talking to someone who can help you find ways to cope with your issues and make sense of your feelings. These feelings could be about sexuality,relationships, feeling depressed or lonely, abuse, peer-pressure, or it could be that you are not quite sure what your worry is about. Counselling allows a regular time to talk in a safe, and confidential space.

Welfare & Guidance

Our Welfare and Guidance officers will work with learners to find practical solutions to issues such as financial worries, leaving home and emergency accommodation. They will help liaise with parents / carers / tutors and other professionals and advocate on your behalf.


We also have a mentor who will support you in the day-to-day of college life. Not only will we support you in the areas you are struggling in, but also celebrate your successes and achievements. The mentoring service provides support and guidance to help learners overcome social, emotional and behavioural problems which act as barriers to learning. Our mentor works with young people, who are underachieving because of a wide range of social and emotional factors. The mentoring process allows space and time for learners to identify and focus on the positive changes they want to make and the path by which they will achieve these changes. Together you will explore solutions, develop personal growth and negotiate targets and boundaries that will support in applying new skills and attitudes in the classroom and beyond.
Our mentor works with all in care and care leavers to support them through the academic year.

Careers & Progression

We will support you in thinking about your future goals and next steps and assist you in identifying work related qualities and skills that will support you in finding work after or during your studies and / or continuing with studies by progressing into higher education. This is achieved through one to one sessions and targeted workshops


One-to-one academic and study skills support working with Level 3 BCA learners who require additional learning strategies with assignment writing, structure, research and organisation and tailored bespoke wellbeing sessions to whole groups.